Frequently-Asked Questions

How does the CFO Research Panel work?

We periodically invite Panel members to complete surveys on finance and business topics. You decide which surveys to complete.

Who can join?

We welcome applications from senior executives in finance, risk, and tax from companies around the world.

What will I get in return for participating?

CFO Research Panelists see results first. Each time you fill out a survey, you’ll get an exclusive first look at the survey results.

When you’ve completed three or more surveys within a year and would like to attend a CFO conference on a complimentary basis, contact us at to request a complimentary pass.

In addition, you may receive critically acclaimed business books and opportunities to win ipads, Gift Cards, and more.

Are my responses anonymous?

CFO Research holds all individual survey replies in strict confidence. You may choose to complete a survey anonymously, if you wish.

What are your surveys like?

Our surveys cover a wide range of topics in business and finance. Topics change frequently as we launch new surveys.

How much does it cost to be a member?

There are no charges or membership fees to join the Panel or to maintain your membership. Each Panel member, however, must apply for membership.

Where do I apply?

Follow this link to fill out a brief form.